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San Francisco Employment Contract Lawyer

California Employee Contract and Severance Attorney

I assist clients negotiating employment contracts and employment separation agreements.

Why negotiate an employment contract?

Often, in the euphoria of landing a new job, employees fail to address some or all of the following issues:

  • stock options 
  • bonuses and incentives
  • change of control agreements 
  • compensation
  • covenants not to compete
  • nondisclosure agreements
  • nonqualified deferred compensation arrangements 
  • performance criteria
  • remedies: arbitration, mediation, courts 
  • rights to inventions and intellectual property rights 
  • severance agreements 
  • sick pay and leave
  • state sales representative protection laws 
  • termination
  • vacation

These and other issues are critical and may affect your opportunities for advancement within the company and your career after you leave.

Severance and Separation Agreements

We live an increasingly mobile economy the average employee these days makes six or seven job changes in his or her career.

You may have rights with your former employer which may be of great value to you. For example:

  •  What does your compensation package say about leaving?
  •  Have you met performance standards that entitle you to bonuses?
  •  Is there any cash value to your unused vacation and sick time?
  •  What will happen to your stock rights?
  •  Do you have any unexercised stock options?
  • What federal and state laws give you rights?
  •  If your old employer wants you to sign releases; should you?

These and many other questions are important to you. Do not ignore them or trust them to chance.

Contact The Jaffe Law Firm Employment Lawyer, today to discuss your employment contract or severance package.

The Jaffe Law Firm Employment Lawyer
 101 California Street
 Suite 2710
 San Francisco, CA 94111
 Phone: 415-618-0100
 Fax: 415-618-0080

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