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San Francisco Workplace Discrimination Lawyer

Bay Area Workplace Discrimination Attorney

I have practiced employment law for twenty years and I have been a lawyer for over four decades.

I represent people who have lost their jobs, or been denied employment, or been denied promotions, raises, or other rewards, due to workplace discrimination.

Workplace Discrimination is Against the Law

California is the most diverse state in America. Millions have come here from around the world to escape poverty, religious persecution and ethnic persecution. My tradition of inclusion is reflected in our laws, which, prohibit workplace discrimination based on:

  •  age
  •  race
  •  national origin
  •  religion
  •  gender
  •  sexual orientation
  •  marital status
  •  disability
  •  pregnancy

That discrimination can take many forms. Discrimination victims have suffered from

  •  failure to hire
  •  failure to promote
  •  failure to award raises in salary
  •  harassment
  •  demotion
  •  change of work duties or responsibilities
  •  elimination of direct reports
  •  change of work conditions or hours
  •  termination

In sum, any employer action that affects the employee adversely can constitute discrimination.

I am an aggressive litigator and have concentrated my practice on discrimination law for more than twenty years. If you have suffered workplace discrimination, you should have your situation analyzed by an experienced employment law attorney .

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The Jaffe Law Firm Employment Lawyer
 101 California Street
 Suite 2710
 San Francisco, CA 94111
 Phone: 415-618-0100
 Fax: 415-618-0080

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