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" Mr. Jaffe's resolute and confident disposition, broad experience and profound knowledge of employment law, were a formidable combination of qualities to oppose which facilitated quick and smooth negotiations and the final resolution to my dispute with a big corporation. Highly recommended!!!"

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Sergio V., January 18, 2009

" Mr. Jaffe  took on my case when it seemed impossible to find representation. The case had great merit, yet no one else would go against the Goliath ($$$$). Mr Jaffe not only went up against them, he gave me the closure needed, as well as securing me the additional help I required to survive a horrific ordeal. I have no words to ever thank him fully, and my recommendation of his services could not be higher."

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Kamala W., May 19, 2008

"Mr. Jaffe is a person of incredible morality, dedication, and diligence. I had a very sensitive matter I had to deal with and had doubts that I would be able to find adequate representation as my case required going up against intimidating government bureaucracies. This did not stop Mr. Jaffe! He was highly recommended to me by other lawyers for being the best Employment and Litigation Lawyer around and when I told him of my unjust story he took it as a personal goal to ensure that I received the justice I deserved. I've worked with many lawyers and Mr. Jaffe is by far the best lawyer I have encountered! He diligently navigated the process, answered all my questions, and kept me thoroughly informed the entire way. Needless to say he won my case and even followed up with me afterwards to ensure that I did not have any unanswered questions. Mr. Jaffe's compassion for justice is unparalleled and I highly recommend him to anyone."

Client Review: Highly Recommended

Posted by: Linda, an Appeals client, 05-30-2011

"No words could begin to derive at the level of promptness, professionalism, dedication and work ethic of Mr. Jaffe. What a phenomenal attorney. From the beginning of my case, until the very end and thereafter, so determined, polished and on top of all matters pertaining to my case. I live all the way across the United States, yet you would have never known. Mr. Jaffe kept me very well informed via email, phone, etc., despite the vast distance and change in time. Due to the sensitive nature of my case, he is also a confidant, counselor, and very understanding man. He always protected me and my feelings, as his client, telling me "I got this, don't worry". He is so knowledgeable......I took the time to read EVERY piece of work he prepared on my behalf and each time I was literally lost for words. He worked SO HARD, who wouldn't want someone like that on their side? The depth of his work screamed loudly at me that he must've stayed up many nights in preparation of my case. He quickly responded to all of my legal needs, questions, concerns, etc., in a more than timely manner. I don't think there was ever a time that he did not get back to me, almost immediately. I realize that I was not his only client at the time, however, I never felt that way, not once. Mr. Jaffe is extremely optimistic and many times had to boost my level of concerns and confidence. And always did just that.

I was informed step by step of the way, very accurately, I must say. Mr. Jaffe exudes confidence, character, and charisma...something that was and is a top priority for me in the attorney selection process. The very minute I spoke to him, I KNEW I wanted and needed him and his experience to represent me.

As a client of Mr. Jaffe's, allow me to say that I HIGHLY recommend his services and I would certainly utilize them again myself, should the need ever arise. I trust him, I value his every word because everything he told me, everything he promised me and everything he said he would do.....he certainly delivered. Mr. Jaffe and his team are great to work with. I am honored to have had the opportunity to have such a well respected, knowledgeable, prestigious man working on my behalf. Last but certainly not least, he's fair, he's honest, and he's a winner. I could never thank him enough. His diligent efforts have changed my life and both of my children's lives forever. "

Client Review: Highly Recommended

Posted by: a Lawsuits & Disputes client, 08-11-2009

" Mr. Jaffe is the best attorney I have ever worked with. He takes the time to explain all aspects of the process and what matters most. He understands all of the intricacies of our court and mediator based system and has the respect of everyone involved. I cannot say enough about what a great experience I had working with  Mr. Jaffe."

Client Review:Professional to a T

Posted by: a Wrongful Termination client, 05-27-2009

"Mr. Jaffe was great. He helped me resolve my legal matter quickly and efficiently. He put up with my endless questions, and had the patience of Job. I would recommend him to anyone."

Client Review: Great experience

Posted by: a Wrongful Termination client, 05-18-2009

"I highly recommend Mr. Jaffe as an extremely professional, knowledgeable and compassionate lawyer. Mr. Jaffe helped me and my family through really difficult times when no other attorney was willing to take our case. I firmly believe Mr. Jaffe has got what it takes to win your case!"

Client Review: Excellent attorney

Posted by: a Client, 05-13-2009

"When I heard Mr. Jaffe's voice on the phone, I knew right away I had a winner. Mr. Jaffe was very cordial and professional when I met him in person. He was thorough and efficient with my intake. He was sharp and quickly showed me the options in my job severance. Mr. Jaffe gave me well balance advice based on his many years of legal experience. We quickly worked effectively as a team. I found Mr. Jaffe straight forward, trustworthy, analytical, thorough, and highly skilled. But most impressive of all is that he was compassionate, with the understanding that those who sought him were often under tremendous stress and anguish. He put me at ease and I let him do all the negotiation. He was skillful at sensing the atmosphere and quickly took advantage of it. When he was in action, he was effective, deliberate and right on target. I was completely satisfied with the outcome of my case. I would highly recommend Mr. Jaffe to anyone who might benefit from his legal service."

Client Review: My experience with Mr. Jaffe as my legal counsel

Posted by: an Employment client, 05-12 -2009 Avvo.vom

"Great Lawyer! Mr. Jaffe helped me resolve a serious legal matter quickly and much to my satisfaction. He is the consumate professional in all things and is always courteous. I recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer." - Suzaninsf

" Mr. Jaffe,
Thank you so much for your work on my behalf. You made a difficult situation far less intimidating. My best to you."

-Trisha R. Oct 16, 2008

" Mr. Jaffe, We are grateful for your help in removing me, with dignity, from my former employer."

-Denise J. March 18, 2009

"Dear  Mr. Jaffe, I just want to thank you profusely for all the help you provided me this year. I really felt that you stuck up for me and did a great deal on my behalf. I am grateful and appreciative."

-J. J. August, 2009

"Mr. Jaffe, You are a wonderful Attorney and Human being. You have helped someone who has been struggling through hard times and when I thought I found a really good solid job it only lasted a couple of weeks and put in in an even worse position, but you know all this. Thank You!"

-Rebecca G. February 24, 2010

" Mr. Jaffe really is one of my favorite attorneys."

-Judith L. March, 2010

"Dear Steve, Thank you so much for your help with my employment issue. I really appreciate your time and advice."

-Laurie O. May 23, 2011

"I have worked with Mr. Jaffe on many cases and strongly endorse him. He is an excellent, well-respected attorney who works hard to get the best possible results for his clients."

-Kathryn Landman, Attorney in Redwood City (CA) 2011

" Mr. Jaffe is a crusader for the rights of employees who have been discriminated, harassed, or wrongfully terminated by their employers.  Mr. Jaffe is a zealous advocate for his clients both inside and outside of the courtroom. He is also a pleasure to work with and is an expert in his field. I would not hesitate in endorsing  Mr. Jaffe."

-Sandra Ribera, Attorney in San Francisco (CA) 2011

"I sincerely recommend  Mr. Jaffe as a specialist in the field of employment law. I would steer any potential clients with an employment or labor issue to him as a matter of course."

-Scott Segal, Attorney in Miami (FL) 2010

"I endorse this lawyer's work. He is smart, insightful and knowledgeable. He is aggressive and tireless in pursuing the interests of his clients while conducting himself with the highest degree of professionalism."

-Michael Thorman, Attorney in Hayward (CA) 2010

" Mr. Jaffe is a very highly skilled and experienced attorney who is passionate about his work. People represented by him are fortunate to have such a strong, compassionate advocate in their corner."

-Laurence Masson, Attorney in Berkeley (CA) 2010

" Mr. Jaffe is a smart and tenacious attorney, whose work I highly recommend."

-Karen Berntson, Attorney in San Francisco (CA) 2009

"Mr. Jaffe has demonstrated his expertise in labor and employment law through his many thoughtful responses to questions posted on Avvo."

-Kenneth Swenson, Attorney in Yuba City (CA) 2009

" Mr. Jaffe is a true expert in the field of employment law. His decades of experience and distinguished reputation in the legal community speak for themselves.  Mr. Jaffe gets my strong endorsement."

-John Bonagofsky, Attorney in San Francisco (CA) 2009

"I know  Mr. Jaffe through a plaintiff-side employment law listserve and have consulted with him on one of my cases. He is a smart, highly competent, experienced attorney whose advice has been invaluable."

-Robert Greeley, Attorney in San Jose (CA) 2008

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